Commuting adventures.

This morning, since Luna and Marley woke up at the crack of dawn, we left the house early. I dropped off the underage early at granma’s and was making good time this morning. Little did I know! A few days ago I wrote about how stressful my commute can be sometimes. Well, there was an accident this morning, cops closed highway 20, from Star Rd to 11th st. Guess where Syngenta (work) is? Between Star and 11th 😫, luckily I knew about this road that goes behind Syngenta grounds and sneak into highway 20 but between work and Star rd. Probably shouldn’t have been allowed to do that but I needed to get to work. So, I snuck around and when arrived at the intersection there was a cop car (but no cop around which was kind of weird) and the accident was right there. It looks like a pickup truck was trying to cross and hit another car and that other car landed on the field. Crazy shit but I sneak by and made it to work.

Yay me!

Gabz/mL @Gabz

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