Sometimes we need a break.

It okay to not like things (anymore)

This morning I made a comment about not linking a very popular podcast and YouTube show anymore. Which it probably struck the cord of curiosity to some people (they probably even thought I was going bonkers — 😅). Which for me it was hard to explain why. Was it a personality thing from the hosts? Is it the show itself? It was a little unclear to me at the moment. On my way home from work I started really thinking about it while I was listening to another podcast of course. And coincidentally it was mentioned on that show “people get tired of you sometimes”. And it struck me, that’s it, I got tired of it and the more I thought of it, the more it made sense. In the last few months or so I have found myself cutting back on shows. And this is a pattern that I have experienced before, I get tired of a show, I stop listening for some time and then I find myself somewhat missing it and then I come back to it. It just doesn’t happen with shows alone, it happens with other things in life, like media, day-today things, even people. “I have enough of you/it, I need a break shoo-shoo!”


I think I have figured out my task manager situation.