by Gaby

Here's the pitch.

Here’s my podcast pitch (which I’ve pitched to a super secret Slack channel not long ago). Remember the Inquisitive from Relay FM with Myke Hurley? At some point during the life of the show, it evolved into Myke interviewing other people about their favorite album. That was it, a simple conversation about music and their love for that specific album and what it meant to them. That was a good show that sadly got canned. I miss those types of conversations/shows, or shall I say those types of shows, the non-tech ones.There was nothing techie about it, it never felt like it was geared to a tech audience, like most of the shows I tend to listen nowadays. Or (Apple) news and rumors type shows. I’m a little over those.

Same reason I find myself listening to old episodes of Review, those were also fun conversations. I guess the equivalent of that would be easily the Incomparable. A random guest (or group of people) nerding out, whether is about music or movies. Someone needs to get on that! Pronto ! I’m sure there are other shows out there doing the same sort of thing. I know Joe Cieplinski has the Weekly Listen, which is fantastic and I love it but not quite the same format. So! Any takers, I’ll be your first guess if needed, send me a message on the ICQ’s.