The fellowship of the task managers.

I did something today that kinda blew my mind a little bit, in a way. I am still trying to figure out which task manager system I want to use at my new job. So far I have been using, mostly, Todoist. Mainly because of its Windows app. I have been also playing around with OmniFocus web but I’m not liking it a lot.

Today though, I used Todoist in a way I’ve never used it before and it was pretty awesome. I received an email and had information on certain tasks that needed to be done by a certain date in the near future. All I did was select the pieces of information from the email, copy and paste them as a new task in Todoist. And because of Todoist’s natural language parsing everything was entered in the correct formats, dates and all, Loved that interaction.

Wish I had an easy way like that with OmniFocus for example. Omni it’s still my prefer system but the web app, well, I might have to play around a wee bit more.


Today I left work early because I had a Dr’s appointment. Not only I missed my exit but when I finally arrived at the Doctor’s office, turns-out, my appointment it’s tomorrow actually. (-_-)