Tried this little one today.

Beer: [BANISHED] Freakcake
Brewery: Crux Fermentation Project
Style: Wood- and Barrel-Aged Beer
ABV: 10.5
IBU: 35
* Overall: 100
* Appearance: 100
* Taste: 100
* Aroma: 100

We’ve taught an old brown new tricks. The brunette hue is derived from roasted Belgian aromatic malts, and fruity esters are augmented by lemon and orange zest. For a further twist, Brettanomyces induced secondary fermentation flecked with sour cherries, raisins, cranberries, figs, dates, and currants for a mildly acidic ale. Enjoy this gift now, or for even freakier, age it somewhere dark for the ultimate re-gift.

Gabz/mL @Gabz

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