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Me, 2015

(I remember someone at work telling me I looked like an 80’s pornstar)

Never leave the desk

I need to find ways to avoid leaving my desk at work at all costs, as employee’s cases have begun to rise. Bad timing, I guess. I bring coffee from home, therefore I do not need to go to the breakroom for that. As for breakfast, usually, I would have some “instant oatmeal” needing only hot water, and usually, I’d go to the breakroom for that. I guess I am going to have to find a different meal. For lunch, I don’t even worry since my day ends by 11:00 am and can have lunch at home. The problem is using the restroom. Technically there is a restroom right by the side entrance to the main building, the one is closer to the trailer in which my office is located. Little to none interaction with people when using that one. However, for whatever reason, we can’t use that side of the building, not only need to use the farthest door from the trailer but also the farthest restrooms, I need to walk by a few offices and laboratories. On top of that, I need to remember to wipe every doorknob I touch along the way, on my way in and out.

I know the company is taking every precaution to keep us safe, but there’s also so much they can do. We as employees need to comply and be better when we are not at work. Also, I am glad that I work in a space were my interaction with the main building is virtually nonexistent. Except when a “bio-break” is needed, of course. Wearing masks at all times is mandatory. Like I have said before, there are disinfectant spray bottles and wipes by every door, access to parts of the building are limited to certain groups and not all employees are on-site at the same time, we have two different shifts.

First day (reprise)

Monday the fokin thirteen! I am back at the “office”, I am no longer working full-time from home (play sad violin 🎻). Not only that but I had to wake-up at 4:00am so I can be at work by 5:00am. It felt weird getting back to the site. It really felt like my first day at the job all over again. I mean, the nature of what I do hasn’t changed and that part was fine but it was like was “learning” the site again. There are so many precautions and rules to follow that it felt weird and awkward, again, new. I didn’t want to leave my desk for anything in the world.

Just like my real first day almost a year ago, everything was out of wack. It wasn’t until an hour of me been there that I remembered my coffee, that I brought from home. It wasn’t until like 3 hours of been there that I remember I needed to eat something. At least this time I wasn’t too afraid of using the restrooms if I really needed to. On my true first day I remember I was so nervous , I never drank any water or used the restrooms 😅 (emoji for full stop)

I’m sure things will feel “normal” again at some point but this version of The return of the Jedi, felt weird and I did not enjoy it.

From my conversation with my manager this morning, this setting we have at the moment, will continue at least until the end of the year, yikes 😬

Also, I am only working 6 hours on-site and the “day” goes extremely fast and little time for all the things I normally work on. Once I am back home I am expected to do 2 hours from home, which is really difficult to do my job using the Laptop’s monitor and keyboard, they suck 🤷🏻‍♂️

This little one is not feeling so hot lately 🤒 (at least we know is not COVID)

// While filling up zee kiddy pool //

Marley: papa, there’s a spider kill it

Me: as per Marley’s request, I killed it

Marley: papa, do you hate spiders

Me: (wanting to say yes, and that they freak me out) No, I just like them very little 😅

I could never understand how people actually use this, I mean I guess I don’t understand what its benefits can be.

Back at the office, 41 minutes in. This is werird!

📺 Started: Black Clover

Black Clover

In a world where magic is everything, Asta and Yuno are both found abandoned at a church on the same day. While Yuno is gifted with exceptional magical powers, Asta is the only one in this world without any. At the age of fifteen, both receive grimoires, magic books that amplify their holder’s magic. Asta’s is a rare Grimoire of Anti-Magic that negates and repels his opponent’s spells. Being opposite but good rivals, Yuno and Asta are ready for the hardest of challenges to achieve their common dream: to be the Wizard King. Giving up is never an option!


Going back to the office tomorrow feels like going back to school after summmer vacation or something.

A yellow thing called Marley

Jeans are the worse.


“Home office” after everything was loaded in the car. 😶

And all is loaded and ready to head back to the office tomorrow.

COVID world

la ale-marie:

A estas alturas, mi miedo es saber que inevitablemente personas que quiero (o yo misma) serán afectadas por el Covid-19 y no hay nada que pueda hacer al respecto

Translation: At this point, my fear is knowing that inevitably people I love (or even me) will be affected by COVID-19 and there’s nothing I can do about it.

This is how it feels lately for me too at times, as the cases here in Idaho keep on rising. Yesterday we went to our best friend’s wedding, an event that already had been postponed a few times due to the pandemic of course and downsized. The weeding was outdoors, and not as many people as it was originally planned, for obvious reasons. We were honored for been part of the few people that made the small list.

That being said, I don’t think I would take the risk for anyone else in a long while. In a twisted dystopian way it feels like this is our reality now. Before it was easy to participate at any event at any given place. Now, there’s more to it. There are more things to consider and watch for. Make things as safe as possible and take as many precautions as possible. There’s only so much we can do I guess.

Do the best to stay safe out here y’all.

🙌🏼🎵 Mudshovel by Staind

These fools! 😅 happy for them.

Yikes 😬

What I am truly dreading about coming back to work, it’s not coming back into the office or having to be there at 5am. What I am truly dreading is having to pack “my home office” into my car again.

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Classic, 2016

🍿 watching: The Old Guard

Four undying warriors who’ve secretly protected humanity for centuries become targeted for their mysterious powers just as they discover a new immortal.

🙌🏼🎵 Coastin’ by Iration

A day in the life

Today was my, both my last day working from home and a day off. Like I had said before, I had an itch that need it to be scratched. This morning I took the girls to the grandparents, as always and head out to downtown Boise. In my mind I was going to spent like 3 hours snapping pictures. It was actually about 40 mins or so. It was very strange, Downtown Boise looked like a ghost town of sorts. But I had a good walk and manage to capture some pictures. It is always interesting how I snap so many pictures and only 10 of them, I am happy with.

Here are a few,

I think some of them are okay.

Having scratched that itch, then it was time to head back home. Once I got home, some self care. Had coffee and breakfast. After breakfast, it was time for a workout. Kept it simple and yet effective, did 10 double handed swings and 10 push-ups, alternating between them until I had completed a hundred of each. Then some extra one handed swings, just for good cardio.

Next on the list was yard work. Spent a little over and hour working on the yard. Usually just mowing takes me about 30 to 40 minutes max. Also while still keeping an eye on my work email. A few things that were due today and even thought other people could take care of them, I still felt compelled to be around for. Finished with the yard, cleaned the girl’s kiddy pool and made it ready for them for when they got home.

Next, I knew my car needed some care. It’s been a mess on the interior for months now and it was starting to grows me out in a way. Guess that’s what happens when you’ve got two little ones riding with you. Went to the local car wash, mainly for their “free” vacuums rather than the actual “car-wash”. Now I won’t be ashamed if someone asks me for a ride.

I feel accomplished, not too shabby, if I say so meself.

Now it’s time to relax, beer and pizza — and Trolls. That’s the new hotness around here, Trolls World Tour.

No Smoking

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