Don’t read the reviews!


With this, I have played all three games included in the NINJA GAIDEN: Master Collection on the Nintendo Switch.

Now, how was my overall experience with all three games? I can say that, I had a great time!

When I first blogged about starting this collection, I had mentioned that I watched one or two YouTube videos to see if it was worth my time getting this collection. What I was looking for specifically was if they had anything to say about the game’s difficulty. My past experience with these games is that they are pretty difficult. It turns out that the added a new Hero difficulty that, as I had mentioned before, makes the game much more approachable. At this point in my life I am not up for challenges, I just want to enjoy the game in my own way, and it makes me happy to see the toned down difficulties for players like me.

Having finished NINJA GAIDEN SIGMA 2, I was browsing the YouTubes there and came across this video, Before you buy. And boy was that a mistake.

Usually, when I look for a YouTube video on a specific game, usually is to find out specific things, usually gameplay, I don’t necessarily carafe for the YouTuber’s opinion much. And even if they have a bad opinion, I don’t affect me much — most of the time. However, every once in a while, it might.

Specifically with these games, I believe that the general consensus is that, the first Ninja Gaiden is a cult classic, the second one is good, and the third is the weakest one. Kind of like with the Blade movies. Or according to this video review mediocre at best. Furthermore, it seems like in this collection, we got the “_lesser versions_”. These games have been redone a few times for different reasons, and the reason they didn’t remaster the “Original” and apparently “the good versions” is because the lost the original code for them.


I hated myself after watching this video. Why? Because then I had some influenced misconceptions about the game. I started approaching the game in a critical way. I am not a critical person when it comes to games, movies, etc. I just enjoy stuff but yeah, every once in a while my opinions can be influenced — a little —, it happens. This is why I try my best to not read reviews, I try to judge for myself. Because of this, I tend to be a fan or enjoy games and movies most people would probably hate.

That being said, here’s what I think of these games.

NINJA GAIDEN SIGMA: A cult classic! It is a fantastic game, and you are into puzzles, this is the game for you.

NINJA GAIDEN SIGMA 2: It’s good, not many puzzles and less exploration, but still a lot of fun.

NINJA GAIDEN 3: RAZOR’S EDGE: Slicing and dicing! Hack and slash, whichever way you might call it. Much more linear story, no puzzles whatsoever and lots of blood. My kind of game. I had a fucking blast with this game, I might even replay it, it’s an action adventure joy of a game.

The first one, won’t probably play it for another few years, played it, beat it, done. The second and third game, they might have much more replay-ability value — for me.

Almost dropped my phone in the worst way, almost.

Today it’s going to be hot, in fact, it’s been hot all week but today the highest is 93 degrees. I am lucky enough that I am allowed to come to work wearing shorts if I so choose to and I love that. In this particular pair of shorts, the right pocket it’s broken, it’s got a hole. When wearing shorts, I normally just put my phone in the right pocket because I have no fear of maybe scratching the screen too much with that little button jeans got on the right pocket. A button I have no idea what its purpose is other than scratching screens? I don’t know. The thing is that even with the hole in it there is still enough cloth to hold the phone, I just need to be careful. Today, when getting out of the car, I put my phone in the pocket, missing the pocket and when I stood up, I felt the phone slighting down my leg’s skin…

Survival instincts kicked in and with the speed of a desperate person, I grabbed my shorts and the phone and prevent its imminent, nasty fall onto the asphalt. And no, I was not wearing a case.


I got to either fix the pocket or retrain my brain to use the phone on the left pocket just like I do with jeans. With jeans is a natural thing now, not for shorts.

🙌🏼 Biden Signs Law Making Juneteenth a Federal Holiday

My pen 🖊


Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 ✅

Started: Artemis: A Novel by Andy Weir 📚

🙌🏼🎵Keep It Like a Secret by Built to Spill

🙌🏼🎵Time Traveler by Waltzer

Journaling, not journaling.

A recent conversation in the Micro.blogs there had me thinking about this again. I have been using Day One, since 2013, maybe even before that, as my main journaling app. It wasn’t until 2016 that I even considered blogging. So, anything before 2016 was entered in Day One and has been in there ever since.

Once I started blogging, my blog, became my journal. I even have an IFTTT action that anything that gets published to my, gets into Day One as a new entry. In my blog I post about anything and everything, regardless of how personal. Well, almost everything, but I can definitely count with one hand the entries I haven’t published and even then, they are pretty old.

Though I always try to post about positive things and the things I enjoy in my blog, it is not to say that I don’t have darkness in me or that I am not battling my own demons. I just, don’t write/journal about them anymore? Wondering if that’s a healthy thing? Perhaps, I should make it a habit to reflect and journal about it, and if it’s not too bad, maybe even publish it, otherwise it’ll stay private.

A game I liked, vol 5

Ninja Gaiden Sigma as part of the NINJA GAIDEN: Master Collection on the Nintendo Switch.

If I remember correctly, NINJA GAIDEN was first released back in 2004 then ported with extra content and graphical improvements and thus NINJA GAIDEN SIGMA. I think I first tried to play this on the Xbox 360, I think under the name of Ninja Gaiden Black. Kind of confusing, but same game. If you are familiar with this series, you’ll know that these games are tough! I don’t think I made it any farther than maybe the first 2 chapters before rage-quitting.

Then, this Master collection was announced, with a Nintendo Switch version, so I knew I wanted this collection on the go. I was still afraid that the game would still be difficult, and I would — again — rage-quit it.

I was watching a couple of YouTube reviews videos to see how the games would hold up and if any changes in the difficulty were made. I cannot with a hundred percent certainty say that the difficulty has been toned down for sure, but it is something that got mentioned. Moreover, they added this new HERO difficulty mode. In this mode, as you’re nearly dead, Ryu would auto-block and dodge, and you can use Nimpo as much as you want. You do have quite some time to fight your way around before you’re dead, dead. This made boss battles doable and the entire game much more approachable. The challenge is still there, but it is a wee bit more forgiving in a way.

This is how I managed to beat the game, finally, for the first time. The game holds up pretty well, besides some control mechanics and camera annoyances it is a fun game. Bosses are ridiculous and over the top, some don’t even make sense but who cares, and dashing and slicing! Female characters are over visually over sexualized, no surprise there, but it can be off-putting.

The game was about 10 hours to beat, for me, it never felt like it was dragging too much. There were times I got stuck trying to figure out what to do as the game doesn’t hold your hand like other games do, I am spoiled by modern games, I guess. But I had a good time.

If you’ve never played the series, give this Master Collection a try, I think with the new difficulty setting it is, like I’ve said before, more approachable for newcomers.

If you have ever played any of the Devil May Cry games, this will be familiar to you.

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Dale Pascual by Los Enanitos Verdes

Trabajar como negro Para vivir como un perro. ¡Dale pascual!

There are a few people in this world, that I truly enjoy having a few glasses of wine and get tipsy with. One of them, is my mother in law. I consider myself privileged that I can say that. 😁

Yesterday at the park, watch Luna run after the ball with the dog 😅

The high for today is a hundred degrees. 🥵🥵

Life doesn’t miss a beat, on Thursday Annie lost her grandpa and on Friday, she got a new niece.

Did you rub my lamp? Did you wake me up? Did you bring me here? And all of a sudden you’re walking out on me? I don’t think so.

— Genie

Damn you, Murphy!

Murphy’s First Law: Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

Murphy’s Second Law: Nothing is as easy as it looks.

Murphy’s Third Law: Everything takes longer than you think it will.

Murphy’s Fourth Law: If there is a possibility of several things going wrong, the one that will cause the most damage will be the one to go wrong.

Murphy’s Fifth Law: If anything simply cannot go wrong, it will anyway.

Murphy’s Sixth Law: If you perceive that there are four possible ways in which a procedure can go wrong, and circumvent these, then a fifth way, unprepared for, will promptly develop.

Murphy’s Seventh Law: Left to themselves, things tend to go from bad to worse.

Murphy’s Eighth Law: If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something.

Murphy’s Ninth Law: Nature always sides with the hidden flaw.

Murphy’s Tenth Law: Mother nature is a bitch.

Murphy’s Eleventh Law: It is impossible to make anything foolproof because fools are so ingenious.

Murphy’s Twelfth Law: Whenever you set out to do something, something else must be done first.

Murphy’s Thirteenth Law: Every solution breeds new problems.

Murphy’s Fourteenth Law: If anything can’t go wrong on its own, someone will make it go wrong.

If Murphy’s Law can go wrong, it will.

Today’s featured photo

/ Luna drops something

Luna: oh shit!

She used it in the right context, how can I get mad at her? 😅

Another fine Saturday

This morning, before our scheduled walk to the part with the girls, I went out for a run/walk. I felt good running, hadn’t felt like that in a while.

Then, it was playground time. At the park/playground, we met this sweet lady with what we can presume was her granddaughter (I think her name was Addie) and their dog, Chester. The girls had a fun time throwing a tennis ball and watch Chester chasing after it.

Also, I’ve got the coolest water bottle.

Then back to the house. We had some cleaning and picking up to do, as we do.

Now that all that’s done, it’s pool time.

🙌🏼 Nibel:

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla expansion Siege Of Paris announced Coming this Summer #UbisoftForward

There goes another few more hours on this game 😎

🎵 Brujeria by El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico

🕺 💃

Marley makes the most random pieces, and I love them. I collect them (when she lets me), take them to work, and put them in my cubicle.

My coffee it’s so strong, it got its own abs.