Day 24: Baby

Baby bite

Featuring Marley and @_annie , circa 2016

The Shinning

I was listening to the Don’t Be Crazy pod show, as one does and in the latest episode they are talking about the motion picture show, The Shinning (1980). I know this movie it’s seen with big regards by many, and it is amazing and for some, maybe even creepy and flat out scary.

I honestly can’t remember exactly when and where I had watched this picture show, It had to be in my teens, probably. Not at the cinema for sure. In fact, I can’t even say with a hundred percent certainty that I watched the whole thing on one sitting. Perhaps I watched pieces of it here and there.

What I do remember though, is that I didn’t want to watch it ever again. I saw something, or felt something that all I can remember is the feeling of creepiness or terror and thus, the feeling of not wanting to revisit it.

That being said, after listening to this fabulous pod show, I think I want to revisit it. I want to experience it again and see if these “stay away from this film” feelings are well funded it or just pure rubbish. And perhaps also watch Dr. Sleep (2019) right after.

Might as well right!

I will report back. Stay tuned!

I believe I have learned enough to finally make Arabica more to my liking. Something I had a very hard time doing when it first came out and had to bother lots of people in the Slacks back then. Sadly, that Slack channel does not exist anymore and fortunately for the rest, I don’t bother as much anymore either. Now, all I need to do is to figure out the system’s auto dark-mode.

I wonder if I’m the only one with an app like Kiddopia as part of the main screen applications of its Macintosh Tablet Pro 😅

FDA confirms safety and efficacy of single-shot Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine - The Washington Post

🎶 One shot, one heart, Let’s join together and a-feel all right…

Another dream post

Had another strange dream last night. I was involved in some kind of sports game and cannot remember which for the life of me. Then I was in a mall, it looked like a mall from back home in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico. What I was doing there I don’t remember clearly either. However, something happened that I broke my iPhone, or part of it. Imagine as if the iPhone had a folding glass cover for the screen, like if you’d open it, it would look like you had a book 📖. Well, that covered broke. I was then calling my local Apple Store to schedule a repair. I knew I had Apple Care plus, but I wasn’t sure if I was over my “accidental damage claims” limit, and if I would have to assume the cost of the repair or not. I spoke with a lady, and she told me it was 280.00 USD for the repair, but they’d just make me pay 120.00 on front and the rest in installments. Not only that, but I remember saying “well, that is a lot of money”, then I said to myself, wait, the iPhone doesn’t have this, it is just a dream. Then I woke up, I felt relieved, turn around and went back to sleep.

I am wearing a case today, just in…. case 😎

It has been a long time since I have managed all 3

Podcast applications wars

Just like to-do apps, or pretty much any “productivity” app out there, it’s hard to find the perfect one or stick to one. The Same case, at least for me, is with podcasts apps. For music app there is only one and that is Apple Music. There, I’ve said it.

Now, back to podcasts! My two most used podcast apps have always been Overcast and Castro. I have tried the stock apple podcast app, but it just doesn’t work for me for whatever reason, it never sticks. I have to say that my first podcast app that I ever used was Pocket Casts for a long time until Overcast came around, and I think it was free with in-app purchase at the time. I think, I don’t remember much it’s been to damn long. For all these years I have always bounced between Overcast and Castro, love them both for different reasons.

Then Overcast started feeling old, and stale, not much innovation or… Well, if it ain’t broke… But still, I feel like I am paying for a yearly subscription and not getting much out of it. I have mad love for Castro because of the inbox system, it’s easy to triage my queue and most important thing, it has a pink icon. Sadly, the app has been a little buggy for me lately, they are pushing fixes and whatnot, but it doesn’t feel as reliable for me as it used to. Which is a good thing to say about Overcast, the app it’s still rock solid, or at least for me.

Now, Pocket Cats its back into my device, it has been for a month or so now and so far, I am really liking it. I got to admit that there is some getting used to because I feel like the user interface and certain aspects of the app, are a little different from the other two. It doesn’t have the audio clip sharing that both Castro and Overcast have but, so far, it ain’t a big deal. I have paid for the year subscription and will keep it on my phone and give it a real go before I decide what to do. But, so far, Pocket Casts is the king of the pods in my Macintosh cellular device.

What’s in your Macintosh device? 😉

❤️🎵 In the End - Single by Tommee Profitt

Day 23

Where them bananas ?


day 22: spell

I’m gonna put a spell* on some steaks.

*i have made my own garlic butter with some herbs 🌿

The Daft Punks

Just like every grieving person out there today, I am listening to some good-old Daft Punk on the Apple Music there. I have heard their stuff before, probably what I’m most familiar with is their TRON: Legacy album soundtrack. Listening to their Essentials playlist, I’ve realized how many tracks I’ve heard before but wasn’t aware it was them.

I’m going to tell my daughters that this was Daft Punk…


Oh my, a day like today back in 2017, I had made my first blog post ever. I am certain this was during my WordPress days.

Internet things I don’t understand no matter how much I try.




TikTok (even thought I haven’t even downloaded it, I’m sure I will not understand it 😅)

day 21: colors

First time using this thing

Game day

Marley Finds a pair for like the six time in a row

Annie: she has better memory than you and I

Me: that’s because she hasn’t killed as much neurons yet (sips on beer)

The HomePod, years later

I have had my HomePod since its release date which I don’t remember when nor I will look it up. But it has been boom-boom-ing my home ever since.

To me, this is not the greatest apple product ever but is the one that gets used every single day in this household. We are constantly playing music, while cooking, cleaning or just hanging at home. We use it for timers quite a lot too. It’s like part of the family, I wish I could name it and call it by its name whenever I have a request instead of the famous last words — Hey, Siri!

James Holland:

Stop everything for 26 seconds and watch this. Footage, with sound (!) from the surface of another planet. Just incredible.

🍿 Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (1984)

I have owned this thing since probably 2017, and it’s not until today that I am seasoning it and getting it ready for proper use. 😅