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There is this email app going around called Hey and apparently all the cool kids like it. I mean, when it was first revealed I liked what I saw too. What I saw. I signed up for the trial, a 14 day one and here’s what happened.

This is how I use email. I scroll, delete, delete, open, read then delete, close the app — done. I feel like I do email like it’s 1998. Unless I am job hunting, I could basically care less about my emails. I don’t use folders. I don’t have special rules. About 95% of my email is non-actionable. Privacy? Well, I had stopped using google for all my personal email. I have been relying on my iCloud email, my .me address and I think I trust Apple a but better too. Anyway, I pretty much don’t depend at all from my email. The only email inbox that really matters, is the one at work and I don’t handle work on my phone.

So why I am still wanting to use Hey. A domain, something like gabz@hey.como looks and sounds cool. I like the icon(s) and the interface. But the idea of buying and interface and icons for 99.00 USDs, again, based on what I saw and not from what I need it’s bonkers. I like shinny things and Hey, to me, it is my kind of shinny 😁

At the end, is probably FOMO. When I had the trial I probably opened the application once. Never got any emails to it. Maybe also something to do that those 14 days were pretty hectic and had no time to play with the app. Not the app’s fault I think. I am sure the people that pay for it and use it, they do find value in it. All that being said, I do wish they had a monthly subscription option, that way I could play with it more and who knows, maybe I’d like it so much and stick with it forever and ever.

🍿 The Outpost

Wow! This movie brought up many emotions. Anger, dispare, hope, sadness. This was intense.

micro.feelings - two years later


I am truly enjoying the experience, and the community. But I’m not going to lie, sometimes I find myself missing Wordpress for some reason. I’m thinking because I had this Ulysses/Wordpress blogging workflow. With Mb is a litttle bit different when it comes to me composing and posting. Is this a thing? Would I be able to overcome it and not look back to WP?

Well, it certainly didn't take me two years to realize this, perhaps a month or two after this post was posted. Yes, I was able, I have never looked back to WP ever since. I am happy with my current blogging platform. As far as my posting workflow. iA Writer got their game together, Drafts has always been a good option as well. I would love to get back with Ulysses full-force but not until they get their shit together and give me the ability to post to 😤

Proof that @_annie is the smart one in this house. I, graduated _Magna dificultad_😅

I went walking

Today I went for a walk, just like friend of the blog Maique 😄. Except that for me wasn’t on the street but rather more “outdoorsy” — more wilderness.

I went to the foothills, something I have been craving on doing for quite sometime. I would dare to say it has been over a year since I last hiked the foothills. I really needed it, my mind and soul needed it. Went to my favorite spot, Military Reserve, is the ones I am most familiar with and know pretty well. Even then, at one point I double-guessed myself to whether I was lost or not, but I wasn’t. I still knew my way around.

I was having fun, like I’ve said, it had been a while and I was happy to be back on the foothills, until. Besides me, there are a few folks on mountain bikes. I think I encountered a total of six bikers. The rule around here is that they make space for me not me for them, but still, I always walk on the side of the trail and if I see someone coming towards me, I step outside of the trail to let them pass. And they are always very nice about it, say good-morning and thank you. It is sometimes hard to see when they are coming behind me though, I do try to stay alert the best I can in case i need to steep out of the trail.

One lady comes from behind, I noticed her when she was very close, but I still had enough time to notice and step away from the trail, and she yells Thank you. A few minutes later, another lady on a bike, I noticed her and stepped away from the trail, but she was still coming too fast. She realized that and she stills try to move to the oposite side of the trail from where I was. Unfortunately she lost control of the bike a little bit and she fell from the bike. I felt so bad, so so bad. I asked her if she was okay, she seemed to have hit hard the ground with her knee. I stayed right with her, she asks for my hand and helped her to get on her feet. She walked, trying to shake it off, holding my hand, obviously in pain. She walks, stands up for a bit, turns out the forms lady that passed me by a few minutes earlier was her daughter but at this point she was far away. She asures me that she’ll be fine and decides to get on her bike and kept riding way. I never saw either of them through the reminder of my hike.

By then I had about a mile or so left, that last mile was not as fun. All I could think of was the lady that fell from her bike. Questioning myself if that could have gone differently. What’s it my fault? What if I was further away from the trail? Was she’s going to be okay? Also kept looking behind me more often than looking forward.

I do hope she’s okay.

Besides that incident, it was fun. I think.

The dynamic duo, mL

Me: Luna! Would you like nuggets or quesadilla?

Luna: chinchadilla!!!

infinite music

There is one iOS 14 feature that I have been enjoying quite a lot lately and that is the infinite mode in Apple Music, or the music player rather. I like how I’d be listening to an album or maybe just a single and the same type of music keeps playing after the fact. Instead of me remembering to either have another album or song on the queue or even create a station, it does it for me.

Today I am on a 90’s R&B vibe! 😎

we dislike it

Over the weekend my lady and I were having a small talk about the current status of our devices. We both have the iPhone 11, and we have both come to the conclusion, that we have grown to dislike the size of it. Well, she always disliked the latest sizes, ever since the iPhone 6. I was pretty content or got used to the size of the iPhone X. When I ordered the 11, I had totally either dismissed or forgot about the — slightly— bigger size of the 11 compared to the X. Yes, it probably makes reading and typing much better but, well we hate the size. It is hard to use one-handed and we are always afraid of dropping it.

This is why the moment we get a chance, we will be upgrading to the iPhone 12 mini (or the iPhone adorable as I call it). We are currently under Verizon’s upgrade program, which means we have had to have paid 50% of our current device before we are allowed to upgrade, which would be in March 2021. We could upgrade earlier, just need to pay enough to make it 50%, which it’s actually not that much, so we might not wait until then.

❤️ 🎵 Mama’s Gun by Erykah Badu

🍿 The Wraith (1986)

As Marley is playing with her play dough and such, I start dancing, like I know what I am doing. She looks up, then down as if saying “_I can’t believe this creature is raising me_”


I am back at it! And making “progress” #hades

i still prefer my camera

It is obvious that cameras have gotten better an better over the years on the iPhone and other mobile devices. Cameras are getting amazing, wide angle and telephoto lenses, system-wise processing, all the goods. I see pictures other people post around and they are outstanding and what’s even more Crazy-Town Banana-Pants, there have been taken with iPhones. I myself have experienced this, with my iPhone 11, some of the pictures I take with it, the quality of them are as good and sometimes even better than what I get with my Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III.

Still, I prefer my Oly for my most of my photography. There’s something about holding a camera in my hand that can’t compare with just holding your iPhone to take a picture. Think about how much of our writing and texting is done on computers, our phones, tablets, etc. But there is also something about getting a fancy pen and write fancy words on a fancy notebook or piece of paper. I guess something similar goes with using an actual camera to take a picture instead of your mobile device.

Speaking of fancy, I am looking to upgrade my camera gear. Most likely it’ll be a Fuji. I would also like a Leica but they are pretty damn expensive.

I made the mistake of weighing myself today. Spoiler alert, I’ve gained some more weight. It’s frustrating but it is my fault. I have been eating too much, drinking too much and not being active much.


This is the way

Marley helped making sure we don’t fall the next time we use this chair 😁

Today’s featured picture

I took this picture a day like today 4 years ago.

📺 Watching Utopia

// Marley asks for a mint (candy)

Me: okay, you can have one.

Marley: can you open it for me papa?

Me: of course! // opens mint

Marley: thanks papa, mama, papa did better than you

Me: 😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣

Annie ( @_annie ): 😳😡😡😡

🍺 All Signs Point West by Western Collective

Rating: A+

// you got mail

IT Support:

Hello Gaby,

We have received a report of malware on your computer. When will you be available for me to remove this for you?


Sure! I am available now.

IT Support: // deletes TickTick.exe file

Me: alright, I guess that is a sign. 😅

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